Welcome to Always Amanda

Always Amanda Organization  is a registered non-profit 501(c) organization with the main goal of giving back to the community. It was created in memory of Amanda Lynne Byrne and is strictly funded through fund raisers and donations.
The Always Amanda Orgainzation has been awarding scholarship for over 12 years. Use the Recipients tab to see who they are.
To read more about the story of Amanda and the organizations founding please click the History tab.

A special THANK YOU to Grandpa (GGPa) for remembering Amanda. We hope you are together again and we miss you very much. Grandpa helped award the very first scholarship in 2011

We are sorry to report we had not applicants for 2023, so we could not award the scholarship.

Always Amanda Organization wishes the best for every Pecos High School Senior. We wish every graduate of Pecos High School success in their future adventure.
Applications for the Amanda Byrne Memorial scholarship will open in April.

Please check back April 1st to apply.

If you have any questions please email info@alwaysamanda.org  

The winner will be announced in the next few days. Thank you for everyone who applied!

If you are interested in supporting the Always Amanda Organization and their memorial scholarship
you can also make a one-time Donation here (via PayPal):