For Amanda

Somewhere up in Heaven a doe eyed girl looks down,
With eyes so warm and gentle, and hair so chestnut brown.
Her smile is bright and happy, as she lightens up the day,
And God Himself is oh so proud, that she has come to stay.

The stars above New Mexico, seem brighter in the sky,
And kindness is a way of life for friends who care to try.
For it is in giving we keep her heart alive,
And though we miss her dearly we never question why.

So rest now with the angels, beautiful young girl,
As Random Acts of Kindness encompass our small world.
For others now will share your life in gentle loving ways,
And goodness grows because of you, to bless another’s day.
Marianne King  

Dominique Salinas was named the 2022 Amanda Lynne Byrne Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Lauren Vigil!

Congratulations to Lauren Vigil, the recipient of the 2024 Amanda Lynne Byrne Memorial Scholarship. She is planning on attending University of New Mexico and persue a career Dentistry. We wish her the best of luck in continuing to be a positive influence on the community.

The Always Amanda Organization is proud to add Dominique Salinas to our family of recipients and wish her well as she continues her education and beyond.

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