Why Amanda Lynne Byrne Memorial Scholarship?

Immediately after the tragic death of Amanda Byrne on January 14, 2011, people from the Rowe and Pecos Communities came to the Byrne Family offering prayers, love and support. One of their own had died. They brought food, drinks, money, ice, coolers, plates, cups and much more. The Byrne Family was overwhelmed and touched. Not possibly being able to thank everybody individually, they discussed an idea they heard earlier.

Karla Jaramillo from Santa Fe said it would be nice if a scholarship in Amanda’s name could be set up for deserving students from Pecos High School. The Byrne Family agreed this was a good idea and started putting into motion the work involved in setting up the Amanda Lynne Byrne Memorial Scholarship Fund. The Family wished to give back to the Community a small token of their appreciation for all the Community’s help in their time of need.

The goal of the Amanda Lynne Byrne Memorial Scholarship Fund is to reward graduating students from Pecos High School in Pecos, NM who are real and proper role models for their generation. The Award is a $1,000 scholarship to be given to a praiseworthy person who earns respect and admiration from others by choosing to be a person of character. Any Pecos High School senior, regardless of family background, race, gender, financial status, academic achievement or physical condition, is eligible for the Award.

Applicants must write an essay describing their significant character traits and provide examples. The essay must include how the scholarship will benefit them in their life-based aspirations and educational goals.

The Scholarship candidates will be evaluated and selected by a Review Committee. The Byrne Family and a Pecos High School employee(s) will be represented on the Committee. Applicants will be based on the following traits:

  • Generosity of spirit and willingness for self-sacrifice in devotion to helping others
  • Uncompromising integrity and courage demonstrated by a willingness to do the right thing despite social pressures
  • Community service in working for the common good
  • Perseverance and inner strength enabling the individual to overcome physical, financial or other difficulties.

To apply for the Scholarship, contact a counselor or staff member at Pecos High School at least 6 weeks prior to the date of graduation. Applicants must write the obligatory essay (see above for details). All materials, including the essay, must be turned in no later than one month prior to graduation.

The Byrne Family, once again, wishes to extend its gratitude to the Rowe/Pecos Community for their prayers, love and support during their time of tragedy. God bless you and your family.

Donations to the Amanda Lynne Byrne Memorial Scholarship can be sent to:
Always Amanda
c/o Gerri McAuliffe
2 Blue Hill
Santa Fe, NM 87508

You can also make a one time Donation here: