Amanda Lynne Byrne Memorial Scholarship

The 2024 scholarship application process has Closed!

Good Luck to all the applicants this year, and congratulations on your upcoming graduation!
Please be safe and have a great time.

Goal statement: It is the desire of the Byrne Family to give back to the community of Rowe/Pecos by establishing a memorial scholarship to reward graduating students from Pecos High School, Pecos, New Mexico, who provide a real and proper role model for their generation. The Byrne Family wishes to reward praiseworthy individuals, and show that character does, indeed, count. Anyone - regardless of family background, race, financial status, academic achievement or physical condition - can earn respect and admiration by choosing to be a person of character.

Scholarship: The scholarship will consist of a lump sum payment of one-thousand dollars ($1,000). Applicants will be ranked using the following criteria:

1. Generosity of spirit and a willingness for self-sacrifice in devotion to

helping others.

2. Uncompromising integrity and courage demonstrated by a willingness to do

the right thing despite social pressures.

3. Community service in working for the common good.

4. Perseverance and inner strength enabling the individual to overcome

physical, financial or other difficulties.

Essay: An essay will serve as the primary evaluation tool for the award. In the essay, the applicant must identify and describe, in detail, their most significant character trait(s), and cite examples of the stated attribute(s). The applicant should also address how the scholarship will benefit them in life-based aspirations and educational goals.

Review Committee: Scholarship candidates shall be selected by the Review Committee which is headed by Richard and Gerri Byrne or their designates. The committee may include one (1) advisor from Pecos High School. If such an individual is not available or cannot serve, then the Review Committee shall continue to carry out the charitable purposes as approved by the School Board.

Review Process: Application materials, including the applicant's essay, are to be submitted in writing to the head of the Review Committee no later than one month before Graduation. The Review Committee will review all submitted material and make a final decision no later than two weeks before Graduation. Ideally, the scholarship will be announced at the Pecos High School Graduation, if acceptable.

Payment of Award: Payment in full will be delivered within two weeks upon formal acceptance of the award.


Eligibility requirements The scholarship is available to any graduating Pecos High School student who has been accepted to an accredited college, university, community college, or trade school, excluding students who pose a conflict of interest. These include, but are not limited to, members of the Byrne family and all relatives of donors who have contributed more than two percent (2%) of the total fund's assets. In addition, the Review Committee members, including their spouses, children, adopted children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews are prohibited from applying or receiving the scholarship. If there are no acceptable applicants in any given year, the funds will be put back into the endowment.

Confidentiality: The Review Committee respects the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information. Scholarship recipient data is maintained during the scholarship process and in compliance with the IRS for five years after the award concludes. Winning scholarship materials may be used as deemed appropriate by the Review Committee. All other material will be collected and destroyed. Social Security numbers will not be used.